CCD reversing camera for a van

CCD reversing camera for a van

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This CCD reversing camera is designed to fit on the roof of modern vans with doors that reach the very top. The camera is in the shape of a ball on the end of a bracket that lifts and projects the camera away from the roof as shown in the photograph below.


This photograph shows the reversing camera mounted on a van (our thank you to Duncan who supplied this). It shows how it mounts on the roof and keeps the camera away from the doors.



This photograph shows the approximate length of the reversing camera.


This shows the width of the camera.


This shows the underside of the camera with the screw mounting holes. It comes complete with a foam washer and mounting screws.




This is a photograph was also provided by Duncan. It shows the actual view he gets on his rear view monitor with the camera mounted on his roof. These cameras are also designed for lorries to fit on the cab to look down at the corner blind spot. If used for this purpose having a monitor you can set the view to mirror/normal is the ideal or the image is reversed.



The image above is a night view captured straight to SD card using this camera. We had it pointing into the dark end of the road.


We can match this camera to any of our monitors to make up a bundle to suit. Please email your requirements for a quote.



Image sensor: Sharp 1/4" CCD

TV system: PAL

Effective pixels: 500 x 582

Lens amgle: 120 degrees

Minimum illunination: o LUX (LED on)

IR LEDs: 10 pieces

Night vision: 5 - 7m

Power supply: 12v

Waterproof rating: IP67

Connector: 4 pin

Camera angles quoted are a calculated measurement based on the focal length of the lens and size of sensor. They are given as a diagonal measurement. When a camera displays on a monitor there is a certain amount of cropping to get the picture to fit. To overcome these issues we have measured the horizontal camera angle with the camera image displayed on a 7" high resolution screen. The angle given may be subject to change between batches so if it is critical then please ask us to double check. When comparing with other web sites please remember the camera angles are often exagerated.

Our measured horizontal camera angle for this camera is 80 degrees.

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