Wired 4 sensor reversing set

Wired 4 sensor reversing set

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A simple wired parking sensor system with 4 ultra-sound sensors to fit at the rear of the car. It gives both an audible warning and a visual display via a LED screen of the distance to an object behind when reversing. As you get closer to an object the beep of the sounder becomes more frequent with a continuous beep indicating you need to stop! The system is powered from the reversing light so when reverse is selected it is activated. The sounder, sensors and LED display are plugged into a control box that powers them. The sensors fit in 21mm holes and a drill bit is supplied to make these. They have angle washers to allow you to incline them upwards if required. Sensors should be fitted at least 0.5m above the ground allowing for the camber of the road and kerb.


Reversing sensor full kit.jpg

The photograph shows all the components of the parking sensor kit.

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