Quality CCD reversing camera system

Quality CCD reversing camera system

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This CCD reversing camera system is made by one of the best manufacturers around. It uses a Sharp 1/3" CCD sensor in the camera which also has sound and night vision. The monitor has tounch panel controls and has adjustable grid lines to aid reversing. There are three camera inputs each controllable by trigger wires. The system gives a nice bright image with good contrast.


The image above shows a photograph of the monitor displaying a picture from the camera. The grid lines in the image are produced by the rear view colour monitor. This feature can be switched off using the monitor menu system. The camera needs to be activated by the reversing light trigger wire for the grid lines to show.


When the grid lines are showing they can be adjusted using the menu system. This means you can set them to an exact point at which you need to stop. In this case they have been adjusted closer.


In this case the grid lines have been adjusted further away and to the right. They move on a continouous basis rather than steps so it is possible to get some quite fine adjustments.


Here we have angled the camera further up. You can just make out the change to tarmac at the bottom of the photograph. This was at a distance of 3 feet from the rear of the vehicle. It demostrates that with a high mounted camera you can get a compromise view showing both distance and fairly close to the vehicle. Along the bottom of the photograph you can see the touch panel menu controls. These allow you to adjust the picture brightness, contrast and sound volume. The system also comes with a multi function remote control.



Image device:- 1/3" Sharp CCD

TV System:- PAL 500 x 582 effective pixels

Resolution:- 600 TV lines

Viewing angle:- 120 degrees

Waterproof rating:- IP69K

Audio:- Yes

Minimum illunination:- 0 Lux

Night distance:- 8 - 10m

Image mode:- mirror

Heater:- No


7" TFT - LCD colour monitor with digital panel

Audio output 1.5W

Loudspeaker one 15 x 24mm round design

12 - 32V power supply

Power consumption approximastely 6 Watts

Dot pitch 0.192 mm (W)  z 0.1805mm (V)

Outer dimensions 194.6mm (W) x 128mm (H) x 39.3mm (T)

High resolution panel of 800 x 3 (RGB) x 480 points (800 x 480 pixels)

Contrast 500:1 with brightness 400cd/m

Viewing angle U: 50 / D: 60 R/L : 70/70 degrees

Operating temperature -20 to 70 degrees C RH 90%

Storage temperature -30 to 80 degrees C RH90%


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