Small HD DVR

Small HD DVR

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This small high definition mobile DVR is designed to be fitted and forgotten. The mount has a glue pad that allows it to stick to the windscreen. As the camera lens can rotate 180 degrees it can also be fitted to the reverse of the interior mirror.

This DVR is designed to be hard wired into the vehicle electrics. It has a video out so you can use a monitor to display clips or use the menu system. It can record in 720P or 480p and uses loop recording. The time of each loop can be set from 1minute up to 5 minutes. It can take SD cards up to 32 G and with the highest video setting it records roughly 8 mins per Gigabyte. Once the memory card is full it begins to record over the oldest video clip. If an accident occurs it will save a clip of 15s before and after into a special folder that does not get written over. It has a built in Lithium battery so it can carry on recording if the external power fails.


The photograph above shows the wiring loom. It is long enough to stretch from the interior mirror to the dash area in most vehicles. The yellow plug is the video output.

To demonstrate the video produced by this recorder we have produced a U tube video below. Please note the resolution of this video is lower than the actual video produced by this DVR. You can get a better impression if you use the full screen view by clicking the icon in the bottom right of the frame. The night video covers from a small road through to a relatively main road and demonstrates the impact of other cars lights.

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