Twin Lens CCD reversing camera with Sony sensors and 8mm plugs

Twin Lens CCD reversing camera with Sony sensors and 8mm plugs

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This twin lens reversing camera is made specially for Reversing Cameras UK. Its key features include a stainless steel bracket, Sony 1/3" CCD sensors, small 8mm connectors to aid fitting and a narrow 45 degree lens for always on rear view with a 120 degree lens for reversing. This matches our monitors with high resolution digital screens perfectly, giving good colours during the day time and an excellent night view. Similar cameras on the market will not match this specification.

Our older twin lens camera needed a 19mm hole to be drilled to get the cables into the vehicle. Although easily done it is a daunting task! This camera still uses the reliable 4 pin connectors, but there is an additional join in the cable so that only an 8mm hole needs to be drilled for the cable. This makes it easier to get a seal afterwards and you are less likely to reduce the structure if you find a batton behind where you are drilling on a motorhome.

8mm connector for reversing camera CAM222WNV

The photograph below was off our 9" quad screen monitor in split screen mode. It shows the image produced by this camera with them side by side.


The Sony 1/3" sensor is much better at showing colours than the Sharp CCD sensor. This is especially the case when linked to the modern high resolution digital panels. So far these cameras do not seem to suffer from the slight yellow band you find with some versions of the Sony CCD sensors.


This is a photograph of the MON7005 monitor showing an image of the down facing lens on the camera installed on my motorhome. This is mounted around 7.5 feet high. It clearly shows the bottom cormers of the motorhome.


This photograph shows the camera mounted on my motorhome. Although mounted above the high level brake light we do not get issues from it at night. The bracket for the camera has been designed to fit a vertical surface (it will work at any angle of slope).

We do hope to add a video showing the camera in use during the day and at night. We have sold this version of the camera for well over a year now and the corrosion resistance of the bracket has been excellent. Cheaper versions of the camera tend to begin rusting within weeks. We saw one bought at the October motorhome show at the NEC giving rust steaks down the motorhome the following January. That person bought one of these cameras and told us the picture was far superior than the one they had.




Camera angles quoted are a calculated measurement based on the focal length of the lens and size of sensor. They are usually given as a diagonal measurement. When a camera displays on a monitor there is a certain amount of cropping to get the picture to fit. To overcome these issues we have measured the horizontal camera angle with the camera image displayed on a 7" high resolution screen. The angle given may be subject to change between batches so if it is critical then please ask us to double check. When comparing with other web sites please remember the camera angles are often exagerated.

Our measured horizontal camera angle for the narrow angled lend is 35 degrees and 85 for the wide angled lens.

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