CCD bullet reversing camera PAL model CAM039

CCD bullet reversing camera PAL model CAM039

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This is a high resolution CCD bullet camera, with infrared illumination at night, waterproof, 12 month guarantee, Sharp CCD sensor and a 5 m extension RCA video cable.

Please note these are PAL cameras. Please check your monitor will accept a PAL input. You should find that almost all the modern monitors do. As a general rule if it has a LCD display there is a high chance you can set up the AV input to take a PAL signal. I shall be adding some pictures in the near future taken with this camera. The important thing about CCD cameras is they give a much better image than the cheaper CMOS versions. They give better colour and operate at lower light levels giving improve low light and night vision. With 9 IR LEDs this camera operates at night. The cameras are fully tested, brand new in box and come with a years guarantee from me.





This image was taken with the camera mounted in the bumper of my motorhome. The curvature around the edges of the image is due to the wide angle of the lens - 120 degrees. Any great angle than this and the "fish eye" effect would be too great.




At night the 9 infra-red LEDs give some close up illumination. CCD sensors are much better at showing a night image than the CMOS versions. In this night image you can clearly see even though the lighting is poor.









This night view is looking the opposite way down the typically light residential street. The detail you can see is more than you would with your eyes. The CCD cameras are more sensitive to light so show up more detail. The Sharp sensor in this camera has one of the best night vision available.




The photograph above shows the hole drill, power cable and RCA cable supplied with the camera.


The technical details are as follows:-

1/3 inch colour CCD sensor
PAL 510 x 582 pixels
resolution 420 TV lines

120 degree wide lens
5 m night vision
signal to noise ration more than 48 db
electronic shutter 1/60 to 1/15 000 seconds
Video output RCA connector, 1.0 vp-p, 75 ohms
power supply 12 volts DC automatic white balance
size 28mm diameter x 65 mm

Camera angles quoted are a calculated measurement based on the focal length of the lens and size of sensor. They are given as a diagonal measurement. When a camera displays on a monitor there is a certain amount of cropping to get the picture to fit. To overcome these issues we have measured the horizontal camera angle with the camera image displayed on a 7" high resolution screen. The angle given may be subject to change between batches so if it is critical then please ask us to double check. When comparing with other web sites please remember the camera angles are often exagerated.

Our measured horizontal camera angle for this camera is 80 degrees.


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