CMOS PAL Bullet camera with fitting kit CAM002

CMOS PAL Bullet camera with fitting kit CAM002

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High resolution, wide angle, with infrared illumination at night, waterproof, 12 month guarantee, complete with hole drill, power lead and 5m AV cable

The CMOS bullet camera offers a budget option to building a reversing camera system. This has a 31mm diameter body which we find give a better performance than the cameras in a smaller case. To some degree it is the extra space for the infra-red LEDs which provide the night time illumination. They use the latest OV7949 sensor which gives a much improved image compared to the earlier CMOS cameras. Some sellers actually get away with selling these as CCD cameras, but although good they are not that good. CCD still gives by far the best night vision although you would find it hard to tell the difference in day views. Please note these are PAL cameras. Please check your monitor will accept a PAL input. You should find that most modern monitors will. I have extension cables and plugs to fit the power socket listed in my shop for a small fee. 


This photograph shows the view using one of these cameras mounted into a bumper.

This picture shows the camera mounted in the skirt of my motorhome. In this position it is flush and unlikely to get damaged. The accumulation of dirt from the road does not become too great a problem even in winter. The dirt is most noticeable at night in the rain when the IR light from the LEDs gets reflected back off it. Under these circumstances my wife is sent out to clean the glass!


This is a night view captured with the camera onto a SD recording device. There are 8 infra-red LEDs to give some illumination, but the vehicle lights and reversing light will also aid obtaining the picture. The OV7949 sensor has circuitry to give improved night vision compared to the old CMOS sensors. It is still not up to CCD standards, but at half the cost the image is still very useable.


The diameter of hole the camera fits in is slightly over 30mm. The lip of the camera is around 3mm and the total length 34mm. The photograph shows everything supplied with the camera. The leads may change in colour depending on current stocks.




Image Device: OV7949
TV System: PAL 
Effective Pixels: 628 x 586 pixels
Sensing Area: 5.961mm x 4.276mm
Scanning System: 2:1Interlace
Sync. System: Internal
Resolution: 420TV lines
Minimum Illumination:0 Lux (Six IR Leds On)
Video Output: 1.0vp-p, 75Ohm
Gamma Consumption: 0.45
AGC: Auto
S/N Ratio: Better than 48dB
White Balance: Auto
Electronic Shutter: 1/50Sec-12.5μSec (PAL)
BLC: Auto
Current Consumption: Max. 120mA
Power Supply: DC12V
Operating Temperature: -20℃~+70℃ RH95% Max Storage Temperature: -40℃~ 80℃ RH95% Max
Lens:3.6 mm,F =2.0
Lens Angle: 120°(N),120°(P)



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