Dual voltage digital wireless bridge

Dual voltage digital wireless bridge

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This dual voltage digital wireless bridge was designed to replace the Suzi link on articulated lorries. It can also be used to create a digital wireless system using any of our monitors and cameras that use the 4 pin connector. It will be useful for both motorhome owners and caravan owners who want a wireless reversing camera system. As the transmitter and receiver can be located in the best signal area it overcomes some of the issues of tradition wireless reversing camera systems. Being digital it is completely interference free.


The diagram above shows the dimensions of the case used by both the transmitter and the receiver. It is waterproof to IP69 so can be externally mounted. The aerial can be removed and an extension aerial added (note - if you add a larger extension aerial to the transmitter such as our 5m or 10m extensions the power of the transmitter will be increased beyond the UK legal limit - fitting to the receiver will be OK).


The diagram above shows how you can make a system up using this wireless bridge.


Power supply: DC 12 - 32V  (receiver 12V via 4 pin connector)

TV system: PAL 25f/s, NTSC 30f/s

Operating frequency:2400 - 2483.5 Mhz

Line of sight range: 120M

Video codec: MPEG4

RF Bit rate: 6MBs

Spread spectrun: FHSS

Hopping rate: 1200/s

Latency: 200ms

Operating temperature; -20 to 70 degree C

Receiver sensitivity: -86dBm

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