Index Marin Deck Seal DG30-P

Index Marin Deck Seal DG30-P

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When fitting a reversing camera to a motorhome or van it is fairly common to use a good dab of silicon sealant to waterproof the hole used. These deck seals are another alternative. They are hifgh quality and are designed for use on boats with marine grade stainless steel screw fittings. When used they allow the whole connector through into the vehicle body and will then waterproof the cable entry. They can be used with connectors up to 30mm diameter and cable from 9-14mm diameter. They are supplied with a sealing grommet which you can drill to fit. These are suitable for two cables such as on our twin lens cameras (you drill two holes in the sealing grommet keeping at least a 6mm gap between them).


The photograph below shows one mounted with a twin lens camera. This motorhome had an aluminium skin and the self tapping screws provided gave a strong enough hold for the foam rubber seal to be fully compressed. Care was taken not to over-toghten the screws. On a fibre glass panel the fixing bolts provided may be a better option depending on how brittle the fibre glass is.




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