Quick release rear view monitor bracket ACC041

Quick release rear view monitor bracket ACC041

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This is a replacement bracket that fits our stand on dash monitors. It has a metal base that can be bent to fit minor curves found on many modern vehicles. It has a 3M sticky pad to stick it to the dash together with holes you can use to screw it down for a firmer fixing. The bracket can easily be adjusted to both tilt or turn the monitor attached. Unlike the butterfly type bracket it is easy to lock its rotation. Butterfly brackets have a nut which if (when!) it works loose cannot be tightened to prevent the monitor rotating.


The photograph above shows the bracket split into its two components. The one small square section is mounted onto the back of the monitor. This then slides into the recess of the bracket clicking into place. There are three height positions the monitor catch operates at allowing you to adjust its height to a small degree.


This photograph shows a monitor mounted on the bracket. There is a lever on the top which when slid away from the monitor releases the locking mechanism and allows the monitor to be removed easily. On most monitors there is a plug and socket on the cable allowing it to be unplugged. The monitor can then be removed from the vehicle. We do not recommend you unplug most monitors frequently as in our experience the connectors can degrade over time especially if there is power connected. The only exception are our MON705 and MON5001 which use a substantial plug and socket arrangement.

The base of the bracket is 10cm across and 10cm front to back. On our monitors they can be used to ceiling mount the monitor.


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