Tilting Reversing Camera Systems

Tilting Reversing Camera Systems


We now stock just one type of reversing camera system. The SYS668 is made by Weldex and can run off 12 or 24 volts. At the moment it only comes with a black bodied camera. A tilting reversing camera allows you to angle it down to see the rear of your vehicle when reversing. It can then be angled up to use as an always on rear view system. A tilting camera does not suffer from gaps in the view that twin lens cameras can suffer from. In our view the Weldex system is better quality than the other tilting camera system on the market. It is also less than half the price.


Our previous "touch tilt" camera system has been out of production since 2011 and we will not be getting any more in. We still stock a range of spares for it.

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This is our top of the range reversing camera system that is a rival for quality to any system currently on the market. It consists of a high quality 7" colour rear view monitor, 20m of combined AV and power cable plus the tilting reversing camera. The camera can be moved up and down in one continuous movement. It is neater and smaller camera than our other "touchtilt" system. It is ideal for motorhomes, horseboxes and heavy goods vehicles. Weldex is a well known brand in the USA and we are one of the first to bring these to the UK market.

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Delivery weight: 2,500 g

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This is a CCD side camera made exclusively for the Weldex tilt camera system. It needs a CAB4215 5m extension cable. It is available in left or right hand versions.

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