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There are two main options for the monitor:-

The first is the clip on mirror monitor which fits over an existing rear view mirror. These are popular as they are discrete and are where you would normally look for a rear view. They can be used as an always on system and our current stock uses a digital high resolution (800 x 480 pixel) colour TFT panel which gives one of the best images on the market. With a LED backlight they have proved very reliable over the long term.

The second option is the stand on dash monitor which we have in a variety of sizes and specification according to your needs and price range. Our more popular 7" ones use a digital high resolution panel on the higher end products. Although designed to fit on the dash some people do mount them above the windscreen and we do stock a bracket for them to mount in the rear view mirror position.

The cheaper end of the market use standard resolution LCD panels in their monitors. These are 480 x 234 pixels usuall (often quoted as 1440 x 234). The backlights in these are not known for their longevity.

Other options include flip down monitors such as those you often see in Autotrail motorhomes. They can be difficult to fit as they need a flate surface. Another option is in-dash units that often have built in Sat-navs. These are fine for reversing, but the operation of the camera usually stops the Sat-nav. This makes them unsuitable for always on use.

With the reversing camera there are again two main options:-

The first is a camera that mounts high up at the rear of the motorhome. These when angled down will eliminate any guesswork when reversing as you can judge distances exactly. If you want a constant rear view then they can be angled up more or you can use the popular twin lens camera.

The second option is to mount a camera down either in the skirt or number plate area of the motorhome. These have the advantange of not having to drill into the coachwork of the van. They give a better field of view back down the road, but judging distances or seeing the corners of the van make them less precise than a high mounted camera. As they are pointing out more directly there is a greater opportunity for the sun to cause glare when it is behind the motorhome.

Cameras can have a low cost CMOS sensor which work well during the day but are more limited at night. The other option is a CCD sensor which give both good day and night vision. The number of TV lives a camera produces is the main factor in how sharp an image you get. We are aiming to use 600 or 700 TVKL sensors in our CCD cameras. New on the market are AHD systems, but at the time of writing they have not reached the market.

We also stock a variety of monitors and cameras for more specialised needs. This includes side cameras, quad screens, flip down monitors or in dash monitors. If we create a system to your requirements then it usually attracts a discount of at least 10% compared to buying the parts separately.


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We designed this reversing camera specifically for motorhomes and caravans to reduce the size of hole required in fitting the camera. By gluing the camera to the vehicle only a small 8mm diameter hole needs to be drilled to allow the cable to enter the vehicle. The monitor is our high resolution colour MON705 which can be supplied with a stand or a U-shaped bracket. The camera is one of our standard CCD reversing cameras with a stainless steel bracket. They give excellent picture during the day and the night vision is good.

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This matches our high resolution colour rear view monitor with our twin lens CCD reversing camera. We have options of white or black bodied camera with cable lengths of 5m, 10m, 12.5m, 15m and 20m. The system just requires connecting to a power source as the cameras get their power from the monitor. The MON705 which forms the basis of the system is our highest specification rear view monitor. We have a variety of mounting options for the monitor.

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This system uses our high resolution 7 inch colour TFT monitor with our CCD twin lens reversing camera. It is a popular system on vans and motorhomes where both a constant rear view is required looking down the road, but a close up view is required on reversing. The high resolution monitor has 800 x 480 pixels which is over 3 times the amount of standard monitors. The twin lens cameras are built around the Sony 1/3" CCD sensor and use waterproof 4 pin connectors with a stainless steel bracket. We have a number of different cable and camera options.

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The clip on mirror monitor and twin lens camera make ideal partners. Cheaper systems use push together RCA plugs which makes wiring complicated and unreliable. This system uses our 4 pin connectors that screw together and lock. The camera takes its power direct from the monitor so you only need one set of connections to the vehicle electrics. The monitor also protects the cameras from over voltage and reverse polarity. This system is ideal for always on use as a rear view mirror. You may find slightly cheaper systems, but they will not have cameras with stainless steel brackets and will have the less reliable RCA style video connectors.

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This is a heavy duty colour reversing camerasystem ideal for all vehicles and is designed for constant use. The high resolution digital screen gives a crisp clear image and our CCD reversing cameras produce good day and night images. The heavy duty U bracket ensures the monitor is stable no matter how bumpy the road.  With the capability of taking up to three cameras this is one of our top systems.

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The CCD VANCAM reversing camera is designed for use on vans where the rear doors go right to the very top of the van. Matched with our popular clip on mirror colour rear view monitor it gives a clear view behind when you are reversing. The system is very simple consisting of the camera, a cable and monitor. The cable length can be chosen between 5m to 20m. It carries both the power and video so the only connection that needs to be made to the vehicle electrics is the power to the monitor. The cable connectors are the waterproof locking type for reliability. There is a reversing light wire from the monitor that can be attached to automatically turn the system on when reverse is selected.

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This system uses 4 pin connectors throughout for reliability. It matches our CCD bullet reversing camera with a 7 inch colour TFT clip on mirror rear view monitor. The CCD sensor is made by Sony and it gives good day and night vision. It makes a good system for a motorhome, van or small lorry.

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