To fit a caravan

To fit a caravan


In choosing a system for a caravan or trailer there are two main points to consider. The first is the type of monitor that is suitable for use in the tow vehicle. In cars a smaller monitor is normally preferred or a larger monitor with a suction mount so it can be removed. The second consideration is the connection between the caravan and the tow vehicle. There are several options available depending on how frequently you use the caravan.


We do offer cabled systems which range from a plug and socket inserted into a cable through to a decicated trailer link capable of supporting 4 cameras. Cabled systems in some respects are simple as the camera is powered via the cable. This means the only electrical connection needed is at the front of the car for the monitor. It also means they can be used as an always on rearview camera.


We tried standard wireless camera systems where the camera contains the transmitter and the monitor the receiver. With analogue wireless they work up to around 5m. With digital wireless they will work the length of an articulated lorry with no interference at all. Our preference has always to have a separate transmitter and receiver. This allows some freedom in locating the devices and means we can convert any camera and monitor into a digital wireless system. The only thing to remember with wireless is you need a power source for the transmitter/camera. This usually is a side light and never a leisure battery.

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We designed this reversing camera specifically for motorhomes and caravans to reduce the size of hole required in fitting the camera. By gluing the camera to the vehicle only a small 8mm diameter hole needs to be drilled to allow the cable to enter the vehicle. The monitor is our high resolution colour MON705 which can be supplied with a stand or a U-shaped bracket. The camera is one of our standard CCD reversing cameras with a stainless steel bracket. They give excellent picture during the day and the night vision is good.

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One of the main problems of wiring a camera on a caravan or trailer is getting past the tow hitch. Wireless cameras have their problems and generally do not work in this situation. Up to now there has been no satisfactory solution of crossing the gap of the tow hitch. This plug and socket is small in size and the socket has a cover to provide waterproofing. It is like a small version of the supplementary socket that has been specially made for reversing cameras. We offer a service to wire this on to any of our 4 pin cables to create a trailer lead.

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This plug and socket set is suitable for use with our reversing systems that use the 4 pin connectors. It is a medium duty model suitable for use on trailers or caravans. The coil is 0.8m long and stretches to 1.6m easily (measurements approximate). When connected it forms a locked waterproof join. Each socket has a cover to keep moisture out when not in use. The sockets are relatively small and will fit in a hole approximately 2cm diameter. The front lead is 5m long and we asked for the rear to be 15m long - we suspect it is a little longer. The set carries the signal from one camera.

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