Help choosing a reversing system

Help choosing a reversing camera system


Choosing a reversing camera system to match your vehicle is not as hard as it seems. We have an extensive range of reversing camera systems to suit almost any application. We are always willing to give advice over the phone if you find navigating through our large selection confusing.

Most people will look around to see where the best deals are. There are now a large number of suppliers of reversing cameras and some are extremely low priced. Please be aware that the very cheap sources are selling factory rejects, refurbished monitors or are selling cheaper CMOS cameras as CCD. We offer a 12 month replacement guarantee. If you have a problem then you only need to return the faulty part to us for a brand new replacement. Some of our systems now come with a 2 year guarantee.

The following sections have been produced to give our suggestions for your type of vehicle. We also have a section called camera buying advice which goes into much mnore detail on the technical aspects of reversing cameras.

Motorhome systems


When I bought my first motorhome I first fitted reversing sensors to help me park in the rather crowded street outside my home. I soon learnt you could not rely on them completely especially in the rain with a low fronted vehicle behind. In looking for a reversing camera for a motorhome that was affordable I could not find one. As a result I began a company to provide for that demand. Reversing Cameras UK has over the years always sought to develop a range of cameras specifically for the motorhome market. Here you will find help, guidance and suggestions.

To fit a caravan

In choosing a system for a caravan or trailer there are two main points to consider. The first is the type of monitor that is suitable for use in the tow vehicle. In cars a smaller monitor is normally preferred or a larger monitor with a suction mount so it can be removed. The second consideration is the connection between the caravan and the tow vehicle. There are several options available depending on how frequently you use the caravan.

HGV system

We stock a range of heavy duty 12/24v systems for fitting to HGV. Our CCD cameras give good day and night vision and we stock both standard or high resolution colour monitors. For articulated lorries we have a Suzi link that can be used with any of our dual voltage systems. The HD700 series uses a substantial metal U-shaped bracket holding the monitor steady on the roughest of roads.

Farm equipment

We supply a lot of camera systems for use on farm machinery. We are able to supply additional cables if you want to move equipment from vehicle to vehicle. Our 9" high resolution monitors are popular for combines where you need views to cover a number of hidden areas. We have low cost basic systems that do the job or higher performance systems for more frequent use.

Unusual situations

We often get requests for camera systems for the most unusual application. Perhaps the most unusual was to provide equipment for the film "Fast and Furious 6". In that the timing of special effects was done with the aid of our cameras and some very long cables. We have supplied systems for aircraft, boats and even an electric mobility scooter. With unusual applications it is always best to give us a ring to chat about it.