Crash4cash recorders

Crash4cash recorders


One of the most upsetting aspects of having a crash is when you cannot prove it was the other person at fault. With crash for cash scams on the increase it is becoming increasingly important to be able to back up your account of what happened. A good example is my daughter in law who distracted by the kids in the rear of the vehicle hit at low speed. This was at a set of traffic lights and although no damage was done to either car and the other driver was fine at the time he leter made a substantial claim for whiplash injuries. She had assumed that while stationary at the lights she had let the car roll forward into the other vehicle. It is much more likely he saw she was looking backwards and reversed into her just to make the claim. Had she had a recorder fitted she would have known for sure and she would not have had the expense of losing her no claims bonus or worry over the scam attempt.

We offer a range of recorders that can be mounted on the windscreen permanently or suction mount ones that can be removed. Some have the advantage of a screen and the more expensive models have GPS to give speed and location data. We also stock a 4 channel SD card recorder for both 12 or 24v vehicles. This can be setup to record to gather evidence if the vehicle is broken into.

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This is a high quality mobile DVR using H.264 video compression on 4 AV channels. It uses SD cards up to 128GB capacity either circulatory or mirror recording (for backup security). It is waterproof to IP54 which helps in dusty environments. It has optional GPS tracking, anti-vibration design and suitable for 12v or 24v vehicles. It has watermark technology to prevent data tampering and guarantee video authenticity for legal proceedings. We are able to organise fitting in most locations. We offer substantial discounts when bought as a full system.


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This 4 channel DVR that is either 12 or 24v operation. You can set the recorder to any number of channels from 1 to 4 and is a viable alternative to single channel DVRs that cost almost as much! The DVR provides power back for up to 4 cameras using our standard 4 pin connectors. The video out is via an RCA cable and is ideal for use with any of our monitors - contact us for advice on cables needed. The video out can be set to an individual channel or all four channels in a quad screen arrangement. It records onto SD card and can take up to 16Gb cards in size.

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This mobile DVR fits onto the windscreen using a suction mount and is powered from the cigarette lighter socket. It has its own battery so will carry on recording if the electric supply is disrupted in any way. It has a small 2.5" LCD screen so you can view video clips and adjust the settings. Having tried a large range of similar DVRs this is the one we decided to stock as it gives both a good day view and a surprisingly good night view. You can get cheaper units but these tend to be of no use at night.

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This small high definition mobile DVR is designed to be fitted and forgotten. The mount has a glue pad that allows it to stick to the windscreen. As the camera lens can rotate 180 degrees it can also be fitted to the reverse of the interior mirror.

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This DVR uses the latest technology to provide a 1080P video complete with GPS. This means you can watch your journey back on the PC together with speed and position on Google maps. It is invaluable as evidence if you have the misfortune to have a accident. It records on a continuous loop using roughly 1Gb for each hour of recording in the higest resolution and frame rate. It has a range of options you can use to configure video quality and video clip length. It also has a setting to protect files in the event of an accident.

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A Digital Video Recorder with a high resolution 5 megapixel camera.

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This in a 4channel mobile DVR complete with 500 Gb hard drive and Wifi transmitter. It will automativcally download recorded video onto a computer when the vehicle returns within range of that computers Wifi newtork. The video can be viewed using the powerful software provided. The DVR comes with a 3 year guarantee and we can organise fitting and maintenance through a partner company. It is suitable to use with any of our cameras and monitors that have the stadard 4 pin connectors.

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