Quad screen

Quad screen

Our quad screen colour rear view monitors come in screen sizes from 7" up to 9". They are all capable of showing individual cameras, two cameras in a split screen or four cameras in a quad view. They all use our 4 pin cables that provide power to the camera. We have cables to fit our cameras with RCA connectors if required. If you are building a system based on these monitors then please ask for an estimate as we usually give a discount.

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This is a larger version of our 7 inch quad screen for the person who needs a larger picture.  It can display up to 4 cameras at a time with a variety of screen modes giving a single camera, 2 cameras, 3 cameras or 4 cameras. In 4 camera mode it can display in either the classic quad mode or the H pattern which is ideal if you have side cameras. It will work on both 12 or 24v vehicles, automatically adjusting to the voltage supplied.

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This high resolution heavy duty 7 inch colour quad screen rear view monitor is the best we have come across. It has a range of display modes allowing a combination of cameras to be shown on screen. You can set each channel individually to be mirror or normal image and a delay can be set on the trigger wires to allow them to be connected to the indicators. It has a deep sun visor to keep light off the front of the monitor and it helps prevent glare at night on the windscreen. It works at 12v or 24v automatically adjusting to the voltage supplied. The heavy duty U-shaped metal bracket keeps it stable on the roughest of roads.


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This monitor offers a massive 8.5" screen which is ideal for the display of its quad screen. It will accept either 12v or 24v and provides power for up to four cameras. Any of our 12v cameras and cables with the 4 pin locking connectors will work with this monitor. The monitor can either display one camera view using the full screen, or AV1 and AV2 as a split screen or all four cameras as a quad screen. The monitor lacks the sophistication of some of our other quad screens, but comes at a very competitive price.
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This control box will convert a single screen monitor into a quad screen. It comes with a remote key pad that allows you to select the channel. The control box is for use with our monitors and cameras with 4 pin connectors. It comes complete with a short lead to connect to a monitor. You can select each channel to be mirror or normal view.

THIS IS AN UPGRADE FOR OUR HB405 SYSTEMS. We can provide a suitable monitor to work with this if you do not have an HB405.

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