Clip on mirror

Clip on mirror

The clip on mirror colour rear view monitor comes in two cable styles. The first uses RCA connectors for the video input and forms the basis of the cheaper kits. The second is a 12/24v monitor that provides power back to the camera via our four pin cables. These help protect both the monitor and camera as the power supply has built in reverse polarity protection and over voltage protection. They make a simple and reliable system.

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The 7" TFT panel gives a nice large high resolution colour image. It is thin in thickness but sturdily built. We have combined this monitor with a number of our cameras in some unbeatable deals. The monitor clips neatly on the interior mirror giving a discrete rear view system.


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This is a dual 12v or 24v monitor with a 7 inch colour TFT screen. It uses the latest digital high resolution LCD panel giving 800 x 480 pixels. Being a digital panel it offers greater picture clarity especially when used with CCD reversing cameras. It is unusual to find this design with the 4 pin connectors to the cameras. It can take up to 2 cameras and provides them with power via the 4 core cable. The monitor has reverse polarity protection and over-voltage protection which also protects the cameras attached. The power board to the monitor is external which is a great advantage as it is cheap and easy to replace if there are any problems. It is very easy to make a system with this monitor as all you need is the camera, 4 pin cable and monitor. It simply plugs together and all runs off the monitor power supply.We can adapt these to run off a lighter plug on 12v vehicles if required.


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