Rear view colour TFT monitors

Rear view colour TFT monitors

 Range of monitors

A number of our colour monitors come direct from our suppliers in China which helps us keep prices low. We have avoided sun visor monitors as generally they have a poor reliability record and are very difficult to fit. Our solution was to source a monitor that can be clipped onto the sun visor and we have found a source that produces a very reliable monitor of good quality.

Apart from sun visor monitors another popular option are the monitors that clip on the interior mirror. These are naturally where you look to see what is behind you and arer quite capable of being used as an always on option in vehicles with a restricted rear view. Their only disadvantage is the gloss surface can pick unwanted reflections if your vehicle has a lot of surrounding glass and your driving position is high compared to the monitor.

We do stock a range of stand on dash monitors from 3.5" up to 7". Add to that the roof mounted drop down monitors and our range of in dash monitors and DVD players. To make a reversing system all you need is a reversing camera and rear view monitor. If you look in our monitor and camera section you will see a wide range of systems all at some discount.


Quad screen

Our quad screen colour rear view monitors come in screen sizes from 7" up to 9". They are all capable of showing individual cameras, two cameras in a split screen or four cameras in a quad view. They all use our 4 pin cables that provide power to the camera. We have cables to fit our cameras with RCA connectors if required. If you are building a system based on these monitors then please ask for an estimate as we usually give a discount.

Clip on mirror

The clip on mirror colour rear view monitor comes in two cable styles. The first uses RCA connectors for the video input and forms the basis of the cheaper kits. The second is a 12/24v monitor that provides power back to the camera via our four pin cables. These help protect both the monitor and camera as the power supply has built in reverse polarity protection and over voltage protection. They make a simple and reliable system.

7 inch stand on dash

We have a number of stand on dash monitors and they offer the choice between RCA connectors or the more reliable four pin ones. There is also a choice between the standard colour LCD panel or the more recent digital high resolution panel..

5 inch and smaller

Where room on the dash is an issue we offer a variety of smaller colour rear view monitors. The 5" monitor with guidelines is 12/24v and offers a high resolution screen. The smaller 4" monitors are more basic, but still offer a remarkably bright and clear picture.

Specialist monitors

We offer a range of quality flip down monitors from 7" up to 12". We also stock a simple in-dash colour monitor which fits well in the modern VAN with a spare DIN socket. Our MON123 is a popular split screen clip on mirror montor.