Reasons to buy from us

Reasons to buy from us


1 We are a specialist reversing camera retailer and offer free support by phone or email.

2 If you need to contact us then we are small enough to offer a personal service at most times of the day.

3 All ordering and payment is done on servers secured by SSL. Our PCI compliance means our systems are independantly checked every 3 months against intrusion.

4 The Safebuy logo can give you confidence that you are dealing with a company commited to providing a first rate service.

5 As we are the importers you are getting goods at factory prices and pass on the savings to you.

6 Unlike many businesses if you have a problem with your purchase within its 12 month guarantee period we will service the guarantee. We aim to replace faulty parts the same day.

7 We mainly sell "public design" equipment which means sourcing replacements is both cheap and easy. Replacing parts on brand name systems can be as expensive as buying a complete system from us.

8 We give a 14 day returns policy. If you are not happy with the goods then it can be returned for a full refund including outward postage.

9 We can create a system to your exact requirements or order in some of the more specialist items.

10 Our range is one of the largest on the internet.

11. We know our customers will change their vehicle eventually and will come back to us if we have provided quality goods and service.

12. Our site is  security tested by Security Metrics helping to ensure your personal financial data is safe while it is being transmitted in the check out process.


We have noticed an increase in Web sites offering goods at exceptionally cheap prices. Before you are tempted check their contact details and terms of sale. By law these should be clearly displayed and if they are not you should consider why not. Also beware of sites which are "niche" stores that sell items for other people. If you buy from those you do not know who you are dealing with if anything goes wrong. There are also a growing number of web sites that appear to be UK based, but the goods are actually shipped direct from China. I know of customers who have received fairly large duty bills on their "cheap" orders from these sites. Even more worrying are sites set up to gain your credit card details. You can check our reputation from our feedback on Google Checkout or Safebuy.