Camera and Clip on Visor Monitor

Camera and Clip on Visor Monitor

Camera and clip on monitor Camera and Clip on Monitor

It isadvised you have this equipment installed by a professional fitter. If you decide to do it yourself then I take no responsibility for any fault caused by errors in my notes. These instructions are for a negative earth vehicle only

Reversing camera circuit diagram

There are several ways of wiring this system in to your vehicle. I need to correct the diagram as it is best to attach to the red AV socket to trigger the monitor to come out when the camera is powered.

Method one

This uses the wires for the cigarette lighter plug. It fits together as in the diagram above. You use the cigarette lighter plug in location 2. When you need to operate the camera and monitor you simple plug it in the the lighter socket on your vehicle. 

Method 2

Instead of the cigarette lighter plug at 2 you attach the +ve wire to a positive connection that comes on with the vehicles electrics. The negative will go to a suitable ground (earth/vehicle body).You should use a switch and a fuse in this circuit to give you control over the camera and monitor. The fuse is essential to protect both the camera and your vehicle battery! With this circuit just turning the switch on and off will operate the camera and monitor.

Method 3

With this method you attach the positive wire of the camera to the positive of the reversing light. The negative of the camera will go to ground (vehicle body). You would do this using one of the power plugs with the wires ending in bare wire. The splitter cable for the power and 5m power cable would not be used. The monitor is connected to either the cigarette lighter plug or a permanent supply that comes on with the ignition. With the RCA cable going to the red RCA socket when you go into reverse the monitor will automatically turn on and display the picture.

Method 4

With this circuit you use a relay linked to the reversing light to provide power to the camera and monitor. As this is best left to the experts I have not included a circuit diagram.

Please be aware that the IP rating of the camera is not capable of withstanding being pressure washed. If you do please protect it with some form of cover.

It is strongly recommended that the operation of the camera is checked before drilling any holes for its final fitting..

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