Information pages

Information pages

How do I claim under the guarantee?

In the first instance contact giving details of the problem you are having. In most circumstances the problem will be resolved by exchanging the old item for a new one. We do reserve the right to inspect the broken item. If a problem is caused by accident, misuse or incorrect fitting then that is not covered under the guarantee. If an item has had it's serial numbers removed or has been adapted in any way then that might invalidate the guarantee. In those circumstances we reserve the right to return the item to the factory for them to inspect.
With cameras leads are often damaged during fitting. Although this would not be covered under the guarantee we will attempt a repair if it is returned to us with a covering note.


What if the item I buy does not arrive?

If the item you buy is of any value then we use a trackable means of delivery that is fully insured. The normal period before a claim can be made on the insurance is 15 days. It is fairly rare for an item to go missing especially when tracked. If the item has been sent using normal post then again we can claim on the Post Office guarantee after 15 days. We will send you a form to sign and once you do a replacement will be sent. We may vary this in your favour depending on the circumstances.


I bought a reversing sensor set but reversed over the sensors. Can I get spares?

My pet hate is when you buy something and you cannot get parts for it. We will do everything in our power to provide spare parts. We were actually asked this question and were able to provide a spare set of sensors.


I bought a camera but the image is flickering badly.

There are two main standards of signal PAL and NTSC. If you buy a camera you need to know which one your monitor will take. Most monitors that are recent will take both, but some do not. In this case it is likely you have the wrong type of camera. We will happily exchange items if they are returned in the original packing and are in saleable condition.


What is the difference between CCD and CMOS reversing cameras ?

The quality of the picture produced by a reversing camera will depend on how good the sensor is. Most of our CMOS cameras use an American sensor from OV which is a reasonable and inexpensive sensor. Our CCD cameras almost all use Sharp sensors which are very good quality. CCD sensors will produce a better image with good colour definition and are much more sensitive than our eyes at night. This gives a good night time black and white image. The quality of the CCD sensor has a big effect on the image produced which is why we pay a little bit extra to get the Sharp sensors. We have found the Sharp sensor produces a better image than the Sony which is why we have moved away from using them.


What is your pixel policy on monitors?

There is quite large variation in the grade of LCD panel used in monitors. Some are used, but have been refurbished. Others have pixels that either do not light or are always white. On a grade A panel it is considered that a dead pixel not is not a fault. On the monitors we buy they are made using only new grade A panels. We have tested all the monitors we send out and it is very rare to find a point (a pixel = 3 points) that is not working correctly. If a panel had more than one dead point we would not send it out, but sell it as a second. If a panel has points fail in use we would consider it faulty once 4 points had failed - more than 1 pixel. Our experience is dead pixels are not a major issue with the monitors we sell.



Follow the links below to obtain printable information sheets.


Non UK buyers

We do export to Europe and selected non-EU countries. Click on link for details.

Postage and delivery times

Details of our carriage costs and delivery times can be found in this section. Please check carefully to make sure you select the correct carriage option.


Reasons to buy from us


I always take care who I buy from when ordering on the internet. Hopefully the following will reassure you as to why ordering from Reversing Cameras UK Ltd is safe.


Fault finding

A brief guide to tracing reversing camera system faults.

2.4 Ghz wireless transmitter and receiver

See the detail view for the full diagram

Fitting manual for RCA systems

This is a guide to fitting our RCA based camera systems

Buying advice for cameras

All you need to know about reversing cameras.

HD700 series instruction manual

This instruction sheet is normally printed out and included with HD700 series systems and similar 4-pin systems. The guidelines, circuit diagrams and instructions in care and use of a system included within this booklet are applicable to most monitors with 4-pin connectors.

This digital booklet download is available free-of-charge to all our customers.

Radio interference

There are occasions when fiiting a new reversing camera system can produce interference on the vehicle radio. These notes were prepared to guide you if you do find this issue. Radio interference is rare, but it can happen. It is much more common on vehicles with front windscreen mounted aerials as the new monitor tends to affect the ability of the aerial to receive the signal.